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  New York Attorneys
 Attorneys - New York - Bankruptcy Law
Firm Name  James Kleinbaum, Attorney At Law Practice Areas  Bankruptcy Law
Firm Contact  James Kleinbaum, Esq.    
Address  18 Park Row Counties Served  Columbia, Albany, Rensselaer
   Chatham, New York 12037-1210    
Phone  518-794-8708    
Phone 2   Fax #  518-794-8709
Email Web Site  
Firm Name  Bankruptcy-Attorneys-Online.US Practice Areas  Bankruptcy Attorney Referrals
Firm Contact      
Address  72 Marsh Oak Drive Counties Served  Entire State of New York
   Brunswick, Georgia 31525    
Phone  800-648-0446    
Phone 2   Fax #  912-261-9219
Email   Web Site  



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